About Pam

 What I do: I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, practicing massage and energy work modalities ranging from Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Eden Energy Medicine, as well as adjuncts such as Flower Essences.

 What I really do: Hold space in which to be present with each other, allow for stillness, invite love and acceptance as a prelude to change. I listen to your body and honor what I hear. 

What you do: Show up. Be present. Breathe. Courageously go where you need to go in order to change and grow. 

Pam Wittenburg BSN, LMT, EEM-CP

I have been passionate about the healing arts for as long as I can remember.  Starting out as an Emergency Medical Technician, I worked with people in emergency situations.  From there I progressed to nursing, getting my Bachelor of Science degree in nursing at Arizona State University.  After 10 years of working with Oncology and Hospice patients, I realized how much I enjoyed working with people in a more personal, private setting.  I had always had an interest in massage and Complementery Medicine, and it seemed the natural next step to get my massage license.
I have been licensed as a Massage Therapist in Oregon since 2001, having a private practice and loving every minute of it.   

What Others are saying


"Pam truly has magical hands. And combined with a love of learning, she will assist in transforming your life."                FP

"LIFE CHANGING!  Pam is a life saver! Her unselfish willingness to share her healing knowledge is immeasurable! I am forever grateful to her for getting me "back on track"                                                   SC